K, Imma get started now

I'll introduce myself first. Then maybe I'll actually look around and find some blogs to look at. I'm obviously new to this deal, and like I said, most of my time is occupied by work anyway...

I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin, majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology. My reason for picking those two? I love psychology and have a pretty strong personal drive to alleviate some of the psychopathologies that affect us humans. There's something inherently interesting in studying the science of thought; it really only feels like introspective logic, in that anyone could probably independently learn everything we've achieved so far in psychology if he really just looked into his own nature honestly. However, any smart person in the department knows that there's also a ton of bullshit and sensationalism in the field, because any idiot can make a shitty questionnaire and, as long as they make enough variables, find a significant difference somewhere. The real quantitative stuff lies in the chemical functions of the brain, as every process and connection in that pile of meat is carried out by discrete chemical and electrical impulses. That's what I want to work with.

I'm also really into music, and I'd like to talk about that some more here as time goes on. I might end up splitting into another blog, but I really doubt I have the motivation to do that. I like music that has an edge to it. The kind of music that would cause a change in you even if you were chained naked to the floor of some guy's basement. Deep enough to relax you, or strong enough to make you break free. No, not Jack Johnson, or Cannibal Corpse. If I had to give you one band to summarize my musical taste then it would be Nine Inch Nails, but I go way beyond them (although I'll NEVER get tired of good ol' NIN). Over the years I've played violin (well, okay, before late high school anyway), guitar (between physical chemistry exams anyway), and I enjoy singing (especially when driving or walking around friends when they're boring). I don't do any of it to be good per se but just because it feels good, and right.

I'm guessing a lot of my posts are going to be about ethics, especially medical ethics, because the field is important, overlooked, and has its share of idiots just like the rest of the fields. I have pretty strong opinions about what is right, what is wrong, and what should be done based on personal sentiment rather than by law. Opinions that quite a few people find offensive, but as of so far I've never met someone able to change my mind about anything, let alone put up a really good case in their defense. And I think that stuff is always fun to talk about.

Thanks for reading this, if anyone actually is. Hopefully this blog will be of some interest to you, and on a related note, hopefully I haven't already given up this blog.


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