Quick post.

I just found this band and it's pretty cool. The name is I:Scintilla. Check them out a bit.

I haven't actually watched these videos yet, and I'm currently in a library so I hope the audio isn't bad. If so then woops.


I'm not dead, guys. I have a med school interview on Friday and about twelve million other things to do before next week, so I won't be posting much until this hill is over. Wish me luck, and once I return I'll bring some interesting stuff with me and finally have time to see how all of your blogs are doing.

Just for the hell of it, here is a funny video I found this weekend... I guarantee you'll enjoy it if you're a fellow Minecraft fiend...

The Birthday Massacre

Not much to say, so I'll post some videos from a band I recently discovered: The Birthday Massacre.

TBM is a synth-rock band, with a tinge of gothiness. But in a good way (imo), not the shitty way that everyone hates (or should). Maybe not for you, but maybe yes?

... By the way, if you are not so into emo imagery stuff, you might just want to not watch the video. They're definitely not my taste...

... like, Jesus. But it sounds good, that's what matters.

Sit 'round the fihre, y'all, an' lissen...

I'd like to introduce you all to a band called Rabbit Junk.

Okay, well, they're much better than that picture might indicate.

To quote Wikipedia, "Rabbit Junk is a Seattle based digital hardcore band, that formed in 2004 by former Shizit frontman JP Anderson. Taking influences from such diverse music genres such as hip hop, black metal and new wave, JP has called this sound 'Hardclash.' "(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_Junk) Though JP has reportedly claimed RJ NOT to be an industrial band, they sure sound quite a bit like it to me-- and personally, I think that's a good thing.

Rabbit Junk has so far come out with three albums;

First was the aptly-named "Rabbit Junk" which introduced them on the scene. The album was rather simple, combining electronic sounds with heavily-distorted guitar and vocals. Though the production quality was noticeably imperfect, RJ has released a remastered version that sounds quite a bit nicer than the original.

Next came "REframe", perhaps my personal favorite. The expertise was stepped-up pretty strongly in this album, bringing out a variety of new sounds, effects and moods behind the music. The album was much heavier than the last, and more metal-y sounding.

Lastly we have "This Life is Where You Get Fucked" which, though it has an unfortunately emo-sounding name, is amazing. RJ has really demonstrated an incredible range with this album, so much so that it's impossible to give you the right idea about the album from any one song. The album is split primarily into three parts...

The Struggle: "Post-Hardcore, and Drum & Bass. Powerlessness and ineffectual rage put to music. Struggle without victory or redemption. Without end. Our shared fate. As we go down, we may as well make some noise."

Ghetto Blasphemer: "Chaos, temptation, and irreverence. Black Metal and Hip Hop. Total blasphemy. A heresy against the petty gods of sub-culture. It must be crushed. Suffocated. The corruption must not be allowed to take hold. It feeds on fear. Kill it. Kill it dead."

This Death: "Hills, homicide and bicycles. Punk fucking rock and hardcore techno, with a dash of death metal for good measure. And bikes. And death. And fate tailing ,mere inches from the back of your head. Are you fast enough? Is fate a cunning enemy? Or an inanimate obstacle? When life tells you to stop, run the red. Your death could be art."

(couldn't find a video... check out the link at the bottom of the post)

Then there's Project Nonagon, which is technically a continuation of This Life, also in three sections. I'll just post one of those songs, because it's one of my favorites...

Aight, I'm out. ENJOY THIS SHIT, GODDAMNIT. Also, check out their website http://rabbitjunk.com/ if you want to learn some more.

If you REALLY like them, check out some of JP's other projects, which include The Shizit, The Named, Wolves Under Sail, and a few others...
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